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John Herbert Whitlock

925 Baltimore Drive
Orlando, Florida 32810-5532
Home: +1 (407) 629-1468
UK: +44 (1473) 356326



MIS / Network Management / Design / Troubleshooting

Specific Skills

  • Netware, TCP/IP, DHCP, Subnets, Routing, VPN
  • IIS, SQL, Groupwise
  • C, Java, VB, HTML and Assembly programming

Work Experience

  • October 2007 to July 2010
    Employer: National Risk Assessment
    Winter Park, Florida

    • Manage a Multiserver Windows XP/2003 Network
    • Support “Road Warriors” thru VPN
    • Oracle and MySQL DB management
    • VB.NET Software development
    • Help Desk support
    • HIPAA Privacy Officer


  • April 2000 to September 2007
    Employer: The Allen Group
    Longwood, FL
    • Manage a 55 user Novell 5, Linux, NT, Win2000
      & Win2003 network with 10 remote locations
    • Maintain SQL and IIS Servers
    • Maintain Groupwise Server
    • Develop and upgrade Web Site and Server
    • Design and develop custom software and databases
    • Build and maintain Servers and Workstations
    • Implement and Support HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations
  • Senior Engineer
    1987 to March 2000
    Employer: Aerotron-Repco Systems
    Orlando, FL
    • Manage 50 user Netware / Windows Network with helpdesk.
    • Design and develop user software for Radio Frequency devices.


  • Owner/CEO
    1994 to Present
    Whitlock's Net Wizardry
    Orlando, FL
    • Build, install computers and design and install networks
    • Train users in use of software and hardware.
    • Troubleshoot systems and networks
    • Telephone Support


  • Technical Manager
    1986 to 1987
    Employer: Arabic Computer Systems
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Manage the technical department of the largest computer retailer in Saudi Arabia at that time.


  • Systems Manager
    1980 to 1986
    Employer: Midwest Research Institute / KSA
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Develop Software and maintain hardware for a network of computers based in five locations throughout Saudi Arabia


  • Head of Physics Department
    1972 to 1974
    Employer: Ferncourt High School
    Claremont, Jamaica, West Indies
    • Taught High School Physics and Math

Professional Activities / Organizations



  • Cobol Programming, 1981 to 1982
    NCC, Riyadh
    GPA: A

  • BASIC Programming, 1978
    LAVC, Los Angeles
    GPA: A

  • Fortran IV Programming, 1970
    BCT, Brighton England
    GPA: A

  • Teaching Cert. in Education, 1969 to 1972
    BCE, Brighton England
    Minor: Physics
    GPA: (Major) A (Overall) B+

Other Information

  • Private Pilot
  • Amateur Radio License - N4UBV
  • CompTIA A+ Certified

To Contact me, send e-mail to jwhit@worldramp.net

Last Updated: August 18th 2010